Client Testimonials

Below are some actual client letters. We are proud of our work here at WebTech Solutions, and we don't mind showing off the letters we received. We hope the next letter we add to our collection is yours. See our complete list of Web Services and contact us for more info.

"Webtech Solutions Was Our Best Choice."

We engaged Webtech solutions almost from our firm’s inception.  As a B2B e-commerce start-up, I interviewed several site development firms.  After several interview meetings, it became apparent Webtech solutions llc was our best choice.

I made that determination based upon WebTech business experience as well as the resources he had in the IT world to accomplish anything I might throw at him since my site is very data base driven.

Webtech solutions met my expectations in regards to development of my designed site.  They provided useful guidance and suggestions along the way and they brought the project in on budget.

Today we are up and running with a well oiled e-commerce site.  Nick and his team have been elemental in all aspects of my site after “going live” and I rely upon him and his team as if they were internal.  Many thanks to Webtech solutions llc.

Jeff Ellery


intelligentinterest -dot- com

"Response, Professionalism and Attention to Detail Sets Them Apart From the Rest of the Crowd."

I have done business with Webtech solutions llc for over three years and have been very pleased with all aspects of their service . The support for our technology needs and the hands on business approach that Webtech solutions provides has been very helpful during our business build .

We could not have accomplished everything doing things in house . Response , professionalism , and attention to detail sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. I would recommend their service to anyone.

Joe Monroe
Monroe Logistics LLC

"I Would Highly Recommend Webtech Solutions to Anyone Wanting to Launch a New Website, or Improve an Existing One."

When Fluid Metrics first opened its doors launching a brand new product-line, we knew we needed a first class website to help inform and attract new customers. After talking with several internet consulting and website design firms, we chose Webtech solutions to design and host our new website. Webtech solutions llc took the time to understand our business and guide us through the process to make sure the website met our objectives.

Once our website was completed and online, Webtech solutions remained our partner to help optimize traffic to our site. As a start-up company with limited experience with internet marketing, Fluid Metrics greatly depended on the team of consultants and designers at Webtech solutions, and they delivered. I would highly recommend Webtech solutions llc to anyone wanting to launch a new website, or improve an existing one.

Will Hurley
Fluid Metrics LLC

"I Highly Recommend Webtech Solutions to Anyone Looking to Grow Their Business."

My company has worked with Webtech Solutions llc for over five years and have been very pleased with the expertise and the one on one relationship that we have received. Shortly after Webtech Solutions posted our web site we received the largest order ever in our thirty plus years of business.

I highly recommend Webtech Solutions llc to anyone, looking to grow their business.

Mike Springer
Liquid Handling Specialists, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

"WebTech Did a Great Job For Us."

One strategic part of our business involves marketing and selling a specialty product to consumers in the Hearth Industry. When we approached Webtech Solutions several years ago to help us automate the ordering process using our website, we were using a large amount of our employee's time to process simple, repeatable orders. In addition, we were having difficulty handling the high volumes of phone calls and orders.

Webtech Solutions worked with us to set up and monitor our automated system until we had it right. The system now saves us time and money and the customer has a more positive experience. Webtech Solutions did a great job for us.

Lee Mitchell
Applied Ceramics, Inc.

"Having Used WebTech for Over 5 Years, the Team Here is Top Notch."

Back in 1999, we had WebTech Solutions convert a highly visible project that was way behind schedule with one of our clients. Our internal team had spent over 5 months trying to produce the deliverables and not even close to an alpha version. The WebTech Solutions team had us into alpha within 2 months and production within 4 months. We subsequently outsourced all of our systems work to the WebTech Solutions team.

What you get with WebTech Solutions is responsiveness, forthrightness and results. Technical environments never run as smoothly as we all desire, but WebTech Solutions will always make sure they deliver.

As our company grew, we've had to fine-tune our system -- sometimes in the span of hours -- in order to keep our website up to speed. The best word to describe WebTech Solutions is dependable. That is why we've continued to use them in our new organization.

Gary A. Williams
President & CEO, Miller-Williams Inc. (former)
Managing Officer, Research Services at Adjoined Consulting

"I've Had the Pleasure of Working with Webtech Solutions for the Last Couple of Years."

Their expertise has been extremely helpful in growing and establishing our business. The website designs for our two companies and their ability to help us market our business on the internet has resulted in tremendous growth for our companies.

We consider Webtech Solutions to be a strategic partner and we would highly recommend the services.

Don Holtz
Atlanta Chocolate Fountains
The Cappuccino Connection

"Thank You for All the Guidance and Technical Knowledge that Webtech Solutions has Given The ThyssenKrupp Steel Services Division Over The Past Several Years."

We are approaching our last month of our 2008 business year and have already exceeded last year’s record number of quotation request generated from our Google AdWords search engine Marketing program, our web site search engine optimization program, and Thomasnet marketing programs.

Your company has been the backbone of co-coordinating our efforts to reach our potential customer base with minimal marketing cost that does not exceed the salary cost alone of one outside sales person. There is no way one sales person can generate the number of quality leads and request for quotations that our marketing program developed by WebTech Solutions has generated repetitively annually over the past five years.

Thank you for a job well done,

Ed Dailey
General Manager of Sales and Marketing
TKMNA division of ThyssenKrupp Steel North America

Southern Office – 2716 Old Richburg Road Richburg, SC 29729
Tel: 803-789-6939
Cell: 313-570-5712
Fax: 313-483-3424
Ed -dot- Dailey -at- Thyssenkrupp -dot- com


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